AMIS provides services to Assisted Living Facilities,Nursing Homes, as well as care for homebound patientssports facilitiescorrectional, in your own home, or anywhere transporting the patient would not be cost effective or convenient .

The benefits of mobile x-ray and EKG at the residence of the patient are too numerous to name. Benefits accrue to the patient and to the facility, in convenience, pain, suffering, and financially; just to mention a few.

Many Doctors are now seeing the value in asking AMIS to go to the home of the patient instead of having the patient to go to a crowded x-ray facility. By writting a prescription and asking AMIS to do a home visit the x-ray results are to the doctor the same day.

Professional. college of high school football games, ski resorts, any type of activity where lot’s of people are involved can lead to the need for x-rays. By having AMIS and a qualified physician on-site the condition of athletes can be determined immediately.