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HIPAA Compliant

Mobile Digital X-Ray Services

  • Licensed and professional Radiological Technicians
  • State of the art equipment

Professional and Highly Trained and Licensed

Our digital mobile X-ray technologists are State Licensed and/or ARRT Registered (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) to perform all manner of imaging procedures.

Our professional digital mobile X-ray techs arrive at our patient's locations in company-supplied vans that are fully equipped with the latest in mobile diagnostic digital X-ray equipment. All customers are supplied with immediate online access to a full history of all images supplied for all patients.

Atlantic Mobile Imaging is affiliated with the leading national provider of teleradiology services, whose team of board-certified radiologists and cardiologists specialize in interpretation of X-rays, ultrasounds, MRIs, and CAT Scans.

Atlantic Mobile Imaging customers have come to rely on our digital X-ray professionals to provide the compassionate care that they deserve. Our staff understands that as part of the patient "care team", their diagnosis is integral in restoring the patient's health.

Image System

Atlantic Mobile Imaging internet-based report and image retrieval system provides unique ease and convenience for nursing staff and physicians in gaining online access to exams and results. Some of the highlights of this technology are listed below.

  • Physicians, administrators and nurses can immediately view the digital X-ray images and reports for all patients including past exams.
  • An assortment of tools allows for enhanced viewing of the image, including rotation, enhancement and brightening; a zoom feature and automatic measurements are also available. These tools make viewing an image efficient and fast.
  • Every patient's images are archived, allowing physicians to compare current and previous images.
  • Instant access to these images eliminates wasted time and effort involved in requesting hard copies of burning CD's that would need to be hand-delivered.
  • PCC software integration